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Linux Investment Web Hosting

Linux Investment Web Hosting

Cash-in BIG on the power of numbers by taking advantage of a Professional Linux Web Hosting Service designed to ultimately pay you back and earn you passive profits!
Enjoy all the crucial and special benefits of a Professional Web Hosting service, brought to you by Online Income Police (Pty)Ltd, which doubles-up as an investment that will eventually generate you passive profits!

How it all works:

A standard-market commercial Web Server becomes cheaper (more profitable) to operate the more websites it has hosted on it. I.e. the profits generated from hosting the sites or blogs of 2,000 paying clients add up to enough money to cover the costs of operating a server that can host up to 4,000-5,000 sites.

Become part of the first 2K clients to host your site or blog with us and the next 2,000+ clients who host with us will effectively mean you no longer pay for YOUR Web Hosting service, going forward!

We will revert the service back to the regular Professional Linux Web Hosting offering once the 2,000 slots are snapped up, with the next 2,000+ effectively covering the costs of running the servers YOUR site(s) will be hosted on!
...But it gets better!

As part of our SEO service offering, we operate a sponsored blogger network, otherwise known as a Private Blog/Blogger Network (PBN), through which we withhold a small commission for offering the services of a Blogger Agency.

A Blogger Agency maintains a network of blogs on which sponsored posts (regular blog posts featuring a hyperlink back to the sponsor’s site) can be purchased, with rates ranging from $60 - $950 per minimum-500-word blog post, depending on various metrics of the blog, such as PR and DA ratings.

If it’s a blog you’re hosting with us, it’ll be automatically inducted into the Sponsored Blogger Network programme and you’ll start earning $60 (less blogger agent fees) for each 500-word sponsored post you publish, while we guide you through the steps you can take to increase your PR and DA ratings to increase your per-sponsored-post earnings.
...this will happen once we reach 2,000 clients hosting with us...

If it’s a regular website you’re hosting with us, our Developer Team will develop a subdomain, CMS (Content Management System) blog for you, which falls in line with the design-theme of your existing site, like how has a subdomain blog accessible via THAT subdomain CMS blog will then be inducted into the Sponsored Blogger Network programme and you too will start earning $60 (less blogger agent fees) for each 500-word, sponsored post published on your blog. We will guide you through the steps you can take to increase your PR and DA ratings to increase your per-sponsored-post earnings up the maximum of $950!

All articles to go on your Networked Blog as sponsored posts will be written by our existing team of writers, whom we pay $10 per 500-word post. BUT if you want to keep that extra $10 for yourself, then you’re more than welcome to write the article yourself!

So go ahead and take up the Professional Web Hosting Service that works towards paying YOU, all while affording you access everything you need to host your site or blog, including:
-cPanel -Sub Domains as Required -Unlimited MySQL Databases -Unlimited FTP Accounts -Webalizer, Analog & Awstats Stats -Website Builder -Softaculous (1-Click Script Installs) -phpMyAdmin -phpPgAdmin -DNS Zone Editor -Online Backups -E-Mail Accounts as Required -Unlimited E-Mail Forwards -Unlimited E-Mail Auto Responders -Unlimited Mailing Lists -Virus Filtering -Spamhaus Zen Antispam -IMAP and POP3 -SPF and DKIM -View Outgoing Logs -Port 25/26/587 SMTP -Online WebMail -POP3, IMAP & SMTP -Fast Supermicro Servers -24/7 Server Monitoring -Starting at 16GB of RAM -Remote Backups -Premium Bandwidth -Clustered DNS -Litespeed Web Server -CloudLinux -KSplice -SSL Encryption -PHP 4.4 to 7.1 Support -MySQL 5.6 (MariaDB 10.0) -HTTP/2 support -Perl 5.8.8 -Server Side Includes -GD & Image Magick -Curl Custom PHP Limits

Please note that you’ll need to register a TLD (domain name) with us for this service/opportunity, or transfer an existing domain name you might already have to our servers. Check under our Digital Services category for pricing and to add the appropriate Domain Name Registration Service to your cart.

Join the Web Host that doesn’t just see you as a customer with money to spend, but a Web Host that sees you as a partner to make money WITH!
Share the offer to help us reach the magic number of 2,000 faster and you can also make some extra referral commission (28% of the monthly hosting fee) if you sign up as an affiliate at