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180 Days Oip Blog Linked Banner Ad

180 Days Oip Blog Linked Banner Ad

Take advantage of this great opportunity to draw the attention of a growing audience of people interested in the Make Money Online & Travel niche!

Have your banner-ad placed on targeted pages of the Online Income Police blog, which has a companion YouTube Channel to draw in more eyeballs of the hottest leads - including a Call-to-Action live link to your target URL.

*Blog Page Targeting Subject to Availability* - So please contact us before buying the gig if you want to make sure the specific page you want to exclusively target has ad space available.

Blog Pages You Can Target:

2.Activate (Newsletter subscription email activation landing page)
4.Manage Subs (Newsletter subscription management)
6.Newsletter Unsubscribed
7.Search Topics (Search results page)
8.Newsletter Subscribed
9.Live Post View (Viewing Blog Post)
10.About Page

Check out the Digital Services category for shorter ad running duration options, like weekly (7 days).