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Digital Estate Profit Equity Lot

Digital Estate Profit Equity Lot

A Digital Estate "Profit Equity Lot" simply means you’re buying profit equity in 16 businesses we’ll be building as the Online Income Police movement, 13 of which follow PROVEN online business models, including:

- An online market research / survey platform
- A stock image buying & selling platform (maybe we’ll do stock video footage too)
- The cheapest web hosting service-provider company in the world, based on solar energy
- A digital services buying & selling or “gigs” platform
- A Search Engine Optimisation consultancy
- A blog/website advertising network platform
- A freelancing & remote working platform
- A crowd-sourcing platform for micro-tasks and project funding
- A global classifieds sites network
- A dating site
- A discussion forum
- A direct publishing syndicate, and
- Another affiliate marketing/ e-commerce platform, but this time one which handles the sales of physical goods as well

Complete your micro-investment today, which buys you a profit stake of 1/2,000 on ALL future earnings of the 16 forthcoming businesses to be built, so you could enjoy some great passive profits should just ONE of these forthcoming businesses flourish!